History of Wood Carving

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This article article from the history of wood carving. For identical and other information, see Wood carving.

Wood carving is one of the future arts of humanity. Wooden spears from the Middle Paleolithic, such as the Clacton spear, show how people have been dealing with political woodwork for thousands of years. Indeed, the beginnings of the craft go back so far that where wood is present, the use of wood as a universal element in human culture also belongs as a means of improving or improving technology and as a medium for art . The North American Indian carves his wooden fish hook or pipe handle, which the Polynesian pattern works on his paddle. The Guyana-born Schm leads his cassava with a well thought-out scheme of small cut scrolls, which the native Loango Bay distorts his spoon with a pattern of figures that rise in full relief with a hammock. Wood carving is also present in the architecture.

Figure work looks to be universal. Carving a figure / design in wood is not only a certain one to treat, also to know, to differentiate, than molding with marble, since wood tends to tear, become insect or undergo in the ability to To suffer. Even the texture of the material is a solution for the expression of taxes, for the classic art of the youthful face. On the other hand, there are different answers for the rougher decisions of age: the beetle brows, the furrows and lines that neutralize defects in the wood grain. In old labor wars the rights that are not important die because figures are usually for protection and for color to be painted .

At first, it is not always clear, in the right color, which has always been used to include the effect of wood carvings and sculptures. The modern color bias against gold and other shades may be due to the fact that painted works have been vulgarized. The correct one of a correct and harmonious color scheme is not the work of the painter, but of the artist’s own possession.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the eleventh edition of the Britannica encyclopedia, including the following, commented: “Carving has gone out of fashion in recent years. Other and cheaper decoration methods have pushed carving out of its own place. Machine work has a lot to be responsible, and the endeavor to make the craft known by means of the village class has not always worked its own end. The proper disappearance of one’s own artist, the elbow that is fully responsible is fatal to the continued existence of an art if it is in so much yard stands. “This statement has also proven to be unwanted because the conscious of art and craft wood carving can be demonstrated by the large number of wood carvers who have tradition in different parts of the world or.

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